Dress Code

Hearts in Motion uses a dress code to promote team unity, and help the dancers best connect with the style and movements they will be doing. Each class has specific requirements and parents are encouraged to ask questions if they need help finding the right items for their children. 



Black leotard
Pink tights
Hair pulled up and out of the face, preferably a bun.
Black Pants or shorts
White shirt or tank


Dance attire that is fitted and that you are comfortable dancing in. 

Tops such as tank tops, dance tops, fitted Tee, etc. 

Bottoms are shorts, leggings, leotards in any style or color. 

Dance Paws, Half Sole shoes, dance socks, or barefeet.

Hip Hop

Plain Black tennis shoes. 
Shoes worn for Hip Hop are clean, dance class only “tennis shoes” which are not worn outside or for your normal everyday use. This keeps our dance floors clean and in good condition.
Kids must come in loose fitted pants, (i.e., joggers, athletic pants etc,) baggys tees, sweatshirts etc., anything that gives full range of motion.
Please no shorts, as we try to avoid skinned knees when doing floor work.


Kids may wear anything that is fitted and that they are comfortable dancing in. Tops such as tank top, dance top or fitted Tee, etc.
Bottoms are shorts, capri-length leggings or Leotards in any color.

Dance Paws, Foot Undeez, Half Sole shoes or bare feet. No socks.

Creative Movement

Ages 3-5

Creative movement is a fun and interactive class designed to introduce young students to dance. The instructor uses fun games, props, stories, and songs to teach balance, rhythm, and coordination. Basic ballet and jazz steps are also taught in this fun class. This is a great class for young students who are interested in dance and want to learn more about it. It’s also a great way for students to get some exercise and have fun at the same time!


Kids may wear biketards and leotards of their choice, as well as t-shirts and shorts, leggings or joggers. Attire must give full range of motion.